February 11 – Mini rant

Do you know how much I hate myself? How much I doubt myself?

Do you know how much I hate my fat thighs, how I look at my stomach in disgust, how I glare at my chin as I see how much fat there is everywhere?

Or how I pinch the fat on my arms and legs, wishing it would go away?

Or hate on my nose because it’s so utterly  ugly?

Do you know how much I look at all of you every day wishing I had your bodies?

No you don’t.

I want to be pretty. I don’t want to be like this – fat and ugly.

Really, the only things I like about my body is my hair and my hands. Everything else I just want to cut off and trade for any of your bodies.

I don’t own any of the gifs or pictures used in my posts. (Except for my selcas)



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